Welcome to FCIDF !



looking for more Donors and partners, to work with, in different development interventions, (emergency response and rehabilitation) especially on Safe water, sanitation and Hygiene at different parts of the Country/Ethiopian!


We committed ourselves to change the severe struggle to get water, for better, Like below!

It is a great pleasure/blessing to have tape water like this!



FCIDF is owned and led by a Group of experts with matured Christian value and educational qualifications, that have PhD, B.SC, and MA with intensive business expertise in governmental, Churches and non- government  organization (NGO).

Bereket  Gebretsion, (MBA, MA),

A Chief Executive Officer (GM) of FCIDF as of 2019; has accumulated extensive experience in providing; Water, sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) services. His colleague Dr. Melese Mekasha Woldeyes, has various capacities, especially in Leadership and Management, and Financial management. Teaching and advising MA students in Organizational Leadership as well in General Management, and undertakes also various consultancies and research works.

Our experiences include rendering of related consultations to several Business Enterprises, and NGOs found in Ethiopia. We have ample experience in rendering high quality services in diversified business environments. We have proven track record in our refined services for business sectors ranging from national NGOs services, agriculture, finance and Leadership, Administration, Management, and in other sectors.